Post Election: Finding the Truth

We are now one week out of the dramatic election which was 2016. Turmoil, fear, anger have ensued and people are looking for answers.

As an avid Facebook fan and regular internet user I know where I see blame.

My biggest complaint throughout this whole election season has been the actions of friends and family whom I had admired and respected. There wasn’t a day that went by in which purported “news” stories were being passed around social media like wildfire with outlandish headlines describing atrocities of both sides and opinions stated as facts.

Whether the person reposting these “stories” ever read the ensuing article or not I do not know, which further ads to my frustration. As an adult and as someone who values the written word I believe it is our duty to seek out truth and knowledge yet here are educated people falling for fake news.

If you asked most of your friends if they believe gossip is a good thing, their answer would most likely be, “absolutely not.” Yet here they are day in and day out spreading gossip.

If someone actually takes the time to read beyond the headline, they would see that most often these are nothing more than opinions crafted to steer your opinions to a bias view. There are rarely any facts to support the stories and no credible sources.

Discussing politics has always been challenging. We each bring our own views and experiences to the conversation. But now we have an added element of false information being taken as fact. Pew Research has shown that 4 in 10 Americans get their news online. Where once there was trust in the spoken word of Walter Cronkite, yes I am dating myself here; we now have anyone with an internet connection telling us the “news.”

As Americans we can all be disgusted at the protestors, the Trump supporters, the Muslims, the Blacks, Hispanics…the list goes on. But as Americans we owe it to ourselves and this country to become more educated. Look beyond the headlines, read past the opinions. Look for facts from all sides and make up your own mind.  Demand truth!

We owe it to ourselves, our neighbors, and our future generations.  


5 thoughts on “Post Election: Finding the Truth

  1. The demise of newspapers and journalistic standards has led us to this place, where ordinary people can’t tell the difference between opinion, fact, or carefully crafted manipulation. I think the future lies with people and their actions. We have to dig deeper in our conversations, speak truthfully, listen more. We can’t let the extremes of the media environment divide us. I always see you trying to do that.

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to read this. This is an issue I feel strongly about and will continue to fight to get this message across.

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    • I have never been a Trump fan…. However this past, post electoral week has brought a few surprises for me. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the news (fox 8) report he’s foregoing the presidential salary. Not sure he’ll do it- but it’d be a good way to win back some faith from the country that’s he’s going to lead.


  3. I am keeping an open mind about everything and not listening to the media anymore. Our country is a train wreck emotionally. This for and against thing is just creating a bigger gap. I need a nap.

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  4. I agree it is very draining. I think we all could use a nap.


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