What does it mean to be a woman of today? Is it any different than 200 years ago? Will it be any different 200 years into the future? While I cannot answer all those questions I can start a conversation on what it means to be a woman of today.

It is 2016 and we have two women running for President and according to Pew Research Center we have 18 female world leaders yet women in America still earn only $.77 to every $1.00 a man earns. Even more disturbing, it is estimated between 100 million and 140 million women and girls are believed to be victims of female genital mutilation as cited by the World Health Organization. Women are shamed for breast feeding and are often still being blamed for being victims of sexual attacks.

These daunting facts paint a portrait of hardship, struggle, sacrifice and discrimination. Yet when we look at where we have come from it is important to recognize the strength, determination and resistance it has taken to get where we are and to move us to where we are to be.  So stick around as we navigate through a woman’s life together.