In just a few days my oldest daughter is marrying her best friend. As with all weddings, there are lots of last minute details, and the expected big hiccup. In this case, the DJ cancelled a week before the wedding. Nerves, anxieties all  piled on with little sleep. 

Yet remarkably I am relatively calm, tired yes, but calm. Sure, I know there is no possible way I am going to get every crease and wrinkle out of 250 chair covers and bows, and not all the centerpieces are exactly alike. Flower girls may run up the aisle or in one wedding I was at, refuse to put on shoes and go barefoot up the aisle! 


In 1947, 69 years ago today, my mother married my father on a beautiful, unseasonable warm November day. Since it was shortly after WWII wedding dresses were not easily available and my mom wore a suit with a gardenia corsage. The wedding was a small affair, a brunch for close family and friends at the country club in town. Surprisingly, we have a video of the wedding party arriving at the club. I am not sure who to give credit to for that wonderful piece of memorabilia but it gives life to an event held long ago. 

They were married just 25 years when my father passed away but to my mom, it was a lifetime. She was just 47 years old and although she dated some, she never remarried. She always said, “Once you have the best, no one compares.” As a young girl growing up during this difficult time in my mother’s life I often romanticized their relationship. I am sure they had their difficulties, just as every couple does. But they made it work and had 5 children together. 

As my daughter and her fiance are getting ready for their big day, I can only wish one thing: To always remember love is a choice and a commitment meant to last a lifetime. Your wedding will be celebrated by friends and family, there will be music and dancing, children running around having fun, there will be laughter and tears but in the end…

      the wedding is mere wrapping on a present. The marriage is the true gift.