Where has the time gone?

I swear just this past week I was working on this blog. I mean, after all it’s not like anything has changed, or has it? Donald Trump is still President. Yes it was hard to write those words. And yes, fake news is still a thing (unfortunately.) But time has marched on in other worlds such as yours and mine. I am now a grandmother, I am about to be married and I have finally committed myself to writing.

Although this blog was a school project a few years back I knew then I wanted to someday be a writer so as I embark on this new and exciting venture I decided to revive the blog and allow myself a place to release some of the many thoughts and impressions which churn in my head on a daily basis.

I still believe firmly in the strength of women and how by embracing who we are and what our place is in this crazy upside down world we can truly discover who we are and what our role here is.

I hope you share a bit of this insanity and decide to follow along. I do not promise a smooth road but I do promise adventure, laughter, tears and perhaps a few new friends to meet along the way. So please bookmark Thinking Woman Today and share with all your girlfriends. After all the more the merrier!




Skinned Knees & Broken Hearts

The Heartache of Parenting

My daughter called me today crying. I had to tell her I could not come over and hold her and make everything better. All I could do was listen. It felt like I had been kicked in the gut.

As a mother we always want to be able to at least comfort our children when they are hurting if we can’t make things better. But after almost 22 years, my baby girl has now moved across the state and where once I could wrap my arms around her and hold her close to calm her fears, now I only have a cold, lifeless phone to cross the distance and soothe the pain. 

Being a Mother is learning about the strengths you didn’t know you had…and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.

When our children are young life seems so big and dangerous, skinned knees, hot stoves, falling off chairs. But then as they grow older we realize how safe that time was and how we wish so desperately to go back to that simpler place. Oh how often I would kiss the boo boos and say “OK, now it’s all better.” And away they would go to tackle their next adventure. But now when my child hurts, it is often more a pain of the heart and I cannot seem to find a band-aid to fix that.

It is true; a parent feels the pain of their child. I do not know if it is because nothing is really new and we remember how we too had our hearts broken or lost that new job or is it much more? Once you become a parent, whether by birth or adoption or however that child came into your life they become a part of you. Suddenly our needs drop down the ladder. Those new shoes you have been looking at quickly become insignificant when you are looking at new bats for your favorite softball player.

God gives us many blessing but none so sweet and yet so painful as that of being a parent. But for all the pain, the grief, the skinned knees, the calls at 3 am, the broken hearts and banged up fenders I would not change a thing. Except to be able to hold them and wipe the tears away whenever they needed me.

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